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Fans today expect instant gratification. If you’re not delivering a fast-paced race day experience, you’re missing out on a huge piece of the action. FanOSx delivers, putting fans at the center of the experience to offer a clear picture of how to keep them engaged.

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Outstanding venue success is not possible without ambitious fan experiences. The FanOSx platform puts fans in control of their experience, giving them all of the information they need to explore venues and their offerings to tailor the perfect day at the races.

JP Bonin

JP Bonin

President & CEO

J.P earned a BS in Business and Political Science from Northeastern University where he graduated with honors.  Upon graduating, J.P. worked as a foreign relations liaison for a U.S.-based company training military academy students within the U.A.E. as pre-qualification to an in-country F-16 Air Force program.  After moving to Washington DC in 1998 he started a career in the private sector around telecommunications and early-stage commercial Internet infrastructure deployments.  With a newly ignited passion for emerging technologies, J.P. started an IP-based telco arbitrage business and shortly after an integration business that merged medical simulation training software and audio-visual capture technologies.  This business scaled quickly reaching hundreds of clients within university hospitals and hospital networks, in addition to commercial, government and higher-education clients around the country. In 2008 he merged the business with a larger systems integration firm, which shortly after was sold to private equity.

As the President of 1839 Labs, J.P. brings over 22 years of expertise in IoT development strategies combined with advanced digital integrations and large-scale system deployments.  1839 Labs is currently building a world-class team of technology innovators, data experts and software architects focused on create engaging and intuitive experiences across diverse platforms in the sport entertainment and resort industry. We are keenly focused on the merging of digital and physical experiences, in addition to the importance of ESG targets and creating new revenue opportunities for all stakeholders.

Mayur N. Vador


Mayur earned his BS in Information Technology from University of Mumbai in 2006. He later earned his MS in Computer Science from The George Washington University in 2009 along with being a distinguished visiting student at Kings College London. After graduating, Mayur built software for a medical simulation & integration company that helped healthcare professionals & educators improve the delivery of healthcare. From 2013 & 2018 Mayur held several consulting positions leading Digital Transformation & Cloud Migration programs in public & private sector. In 2019, he was CTO of a DC based FinTech startup to bring a unique social banking product to market that led to a strategic partnership with MasterCard & Discover. At 1839 Labs, Mayur is building a platform to bring the most cutting-edge technology to the hospitality, retail, & stadium experience.

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1839 Labs transforms sporting venues and other mixed-use real estate projects around the globe through AI-powered analytics.

By leveraging leading-edge technologies, 1839 Labs creates entertainment and hospitality ecosystems that elevate the experience of fans, spectators, and guests.

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