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1839 Labs & vivenu – Revolutionizing Ticketing at Balaton Park Circuit and Beyond

1839 Labs continues setting the new standard for motorsports fan experience through a strategic partnership with vivenu. 

Boston, MA (January 25, 2024) – 1839 Labs is proud to announce vivenu has been selected to be the company’s ticketing platform.  With this strategic partnership, 1839 Labs is once again elevating the standard for the motorsports fan experience, both at the Balaton Park Circuit and beyond. 1839 Labs is the exclusive provider of mobile-first fan engagement solutions at the Balaton Park Circuit.  The circuit is recognized as Europe’s newest and most technologically- advanced racetrack with a seating capacity of up to 120,000 spectators. 

1839 Labs’ data technology platform, FanOSx, is a state-of-the-art technology platform that is customized for the individual benefits of motorsport venues, racing teams, and leagues.  Furthermore, the platform provides sponsors and advertisers with the highest fidelity data insights by combining advanced motorsport venue technologies with exciting fan engagement elements inside a mobile app.  The result for motorsport fans is a seamless journey beginning the moment they buy their ticket, park and attend the event, purchase merchandise and food, and earn loyalty and rewards after the event.   For motorsport stakeholders, such as teams and leagues, automated data inflows and deep data analysis are presented in custom-tailored dashboards.

Balaton Park Circuit – Budapest, Hungary

J.P. Bonin, President & CEO of 1839 Labs, states, “Our objective is to revolutionize the fan experience while driving increased fan engagement at motorsport venues.  Understanding the intricacies of fan interaction allows the entire fan experience to be captured, opening new revenue opportunities for stakeholders and benefits for its dedicated fan base.  Considering Balaton Park Circuit is our prototype, our strategic partnership with vivenu enables us to digitally transform the entire ecosystem starting with ticketing, and provide invaluable data and analytics for venue owners, promoters, leagues, and teams.”

Mayur Vador, CTO of 1839 Labs, adds, “Balaton Park Circuit is set to host a diverse range of events, from racing to festivals, music and entertainment. We were committed to finding a modern ticketing partner that complemented our mission of crafting an unprecedented fan journey for fans & motorsport enthusiasts. vivenu’s fully customizable & API-driven platform allows us to do just that and more. We are integrating vivenu’s capabilities into our FanOSx platform, and raising the bar for how fans interact & connect with motorsports.”

Simon Weber, CEO of vivenu, concludes, “This partnership marks a significant stride toward redefining the motorsport experience and underscores our commitment to technological excellence and fan satisfaction. We are beyond thrilled to be the exclusive primary ticketing partner to 1839 Labs and working closely with their ambitious, passionate team behind the reimagining of what we are certain will become an iconic brand in the motorsports world. By partnering with the Balaton Park Circuit, the highest FIA/FIM standard racetrack built in central Europe in over 15 years, vivenu is further expanding its rapidly growing practice in the professional motorsports circuit, with brands like the iconic Hockenheimring in Germany and many others around the world already relying on vivenu to sell millions of tickets every year.  vivenu’s technology will be a cornerstone to the overall experience as ticketing is the first touchpoint for fans. We are thrilled that 1839 Labs has chosen vivenu as its exclusive ticketing partner at the Balaton Park Circuit, which will be a tremendous showcase and stage for anyone in motorsports. From there on we look forward to further expanding with our friends from 1839 Labs.”


About 1839 Labs

1839 Labs is a wholly owned subsidiary of 1839 Capital, a boutique venture capital firm providing unique investment opportunities in the U.S. and abroad. 1839 Labs is at the forefront of technology development & innovation around applications that enhance the overall fan experience at sporting venues while increasing operational efficiencies and creating substantial returns on investment for real estate management groups, owners, and other stakeholders. Our platform solution, FanOSx, ingests and synthesizes data from all fan engagement & smart-venue systems while leveraging flexible APIs and advanced AI algorithms for new business and operational insights. 

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About vivenu

vivenu is an international ticketing platform offering comprehensive APIs for venues and promoters to tailor their needs. Through vivenu’s state-of-the-art technology, venues and event owners gain access to a full-featured ticketing platform with real-time dynamic control over all aspects of ticket sales. This includes configuring prices, seating plans, and leveraging customer data and insights, all while maintaining a branded look and feel across sales channels.

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